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This mistake causes almost half of all intersection crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Car Accidents

Intersections are innately dangerous places. Vehicles traveling in different directions cross paths at intersections. Drivers also encounter pedestrians at intersections, making them a location where a variety of different crashes could occur with little warning. The state uses lights, signs and street painting to control the movement of traffic at intersections.

Drivers approaching intersections typically reduce their speed, which means that the crashes that occur may not be as catastrophic as collisions on the freeway. Lower speeds often mean a slower level of damages to a vehicle and less risk of injury for occupants. Even so, intersection crashes can disable vehicles and put people in the hospital. Those in stopped vehicles and pedestrians may be at increased risk of injury when crashes occur. When looking at data about crashes at intersections, one mistake is responsible for nearly half of the collisions that occur.

What drivers often fail to do is a massive safety concern

Those approaching an intersection typically need to slow their vehicles or come to a complete stop. They also need to carefully monitor their surroundings to make the best choice possible about their next maneuver. Whether they intend to proceed straight through the intersection or turn, they may need to first yield to others.

According to a study looking at intersection crashes, approximately 44% of such wrecks occurred due to inadequate surveillance. Drivers do not check for approaching vehicles and pedestrians. They then make mistakes as they enter the intersection. Especially when people are close to home or on roads they travel daily, they may fail to inspect their circumstances adequately. The decision to proceed through an intersection without conducting adequate surveillance can lead to preventable and severe collisions.

Other common mistakes at intersections include a failure to come to a complete stop, failing to account for obstructed views and misjudging what other drivers intend to do. Those who monitor their surroundings carefully and consistently use their turn signals to communicate with other drivers can reduce their risk of an intersection crash.

Being proactive about addressing the issues that cause motor vehicle collisions can help people stay safer on the roads. Drivers who remain aware of their surroundings are less likely to be a party at fault in the event that an intersection crash occurs.