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Bitten by a dog? Don’t dismiss a potential claim just yet

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Dog Bites

Dog bites are a frightening experience. The sharp pain, the shock, and the sight of blood can leave you shaken and unsure of how to proceed. 

After your flurry of emotion settles, you might think filing an injury claim for a dog bite isn’t worth the trouble. But before you discount it altogether, take a moment to consider these vital questions.

Do you understand the nature and extent of your injuries?

The initial shock of a dog bite can mask the true extent of your injuries. Seek medical attention immediately, even if you seem okay. Doctors can assess for puncture wounds, hidden damage and other possible problems. Early diagnosis ensures proper treatment and documentation of injuries, padding your claim with medical evidence.  

Can you afford to pay for dog bite treatment yourself?

Dog bite injuries often require extensive medical care, including stitches, rabies shots, antibiotics and even surgery in some cases.  These costs can quickly add up, especially if you lack health insurance. Filing a dog bite claim can help offset these expenses, ensuring necessary treatment without undue financial burdens.

Does your doctor anticipate complications or long-term effects?

Some dog bites can lead to long-lasting issues like scarring, nerve damage or even persistent infections that resurface years later. Your doctor can advise you on your potential for complications and the ongoing costs associated with managing them. A settlement from a claim can help cover future medical needs related to the bite.

Instead of assuming it isn’t worth the effort to pursue compensation after a dog bite, seek a legal opinion. A legal representative can help you understand the value of a Georgia dog bite claim and how it can benefit you now and in the future.