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Be aware of a truck’s blind spots

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Trucking Accidents

Sharing the road with trucks can be overwhelming for any driver due to their size and weight. But you can safely drive around a truck provided you observe safety measures, such as staying out of its blind spots.

Trucks have larger blind spots, which are found:

Immediately in front

A truck driver may not see you if you are immediately in front of it. Due to the height of trucks, a driver may not see what’s in front of them. This can even worsen with trucks that have larger hoods.

Directly behind 

Due to the size of trucks, truck drivers can’t see what’s directly behind them. If a smaller vehicle tailgates a truck, the truck driver may make decisions that can endanger the driver and occupants of the smaller vehicle. Truck drivers depend on side mirrors to see following vehicles.

On the sides

Trucks have blind spots on the sides, but the larger one is on the right side; the right-side blind spot is the largest in general – it can go as many as multiple lanes of right-hand traffic.

If you want to overtake a truck, signal clearly and move into the left lane. Confirm that you can see the truck driver’s reflection in their side mirror. If you can, they can see you. If you can’t, chances are they can’t see you.

When it’s safe to overtake, accelerate until you pass the truck. Drive ahead until you can see the truck in your rearview mirror before pulling in front.

You should stay out of a truck’s blind spots. However, a truck driver may still make a mistake that injures you. If this happens, consider legal help to receive fair compensation.