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for the Right Reasons

Attorney Jordan Van Matre


I have never been trouble I am 60 years old and was accused of something I did not do. Mr Matre made me feel safe about the whole process . He charge very little and was there for me I would tell any one he is not like other lawyers. THANKS.

A lawyer I can trust!

I thank you Mr. Van Matre for all your help. You are very trustworthy and you helped me a lot with my problem. It is hard to trust a lot of people these days, and all I can say is that Mr. Van Matre has my trust and everyone I know is going to you because you are a great person, and a great lawyer. Thank you for all your help. I will always have you in mind if I have any problems! Thank you again!

Worth every penny!

Mr. Jordan Kerry Van Matre was very honest, straightforward and down-to-earth. After he listened to my story and answered all my questions, he told me what I needed to hear, and gave me guidance on how to proceed. If only every county of the state of Georgia had lawyers like Jordan Kerry Van Matre there would definitely be a whole lot more honor, integrity, transparency and professionalism in today’s justice system. If you are looking to find an honest, trustworthy and a thoughtful lawyer, purchase and receive the professional services of a lawyer like Mr. Jordan Kerry Van Matre. On top of this, his services are worth every penny.

Highly recommended!

I highly recommend this lawyer! Our problem was solved in a short period of time. We chose attorney Jordan Van Matre because he had a very positive outlook on our case he was great! His retainer was very reasonable, and he told us he could resolve this matter within a certain period of time, and he did just what he said he would do. That was so great and he is the best! We will always pray for you and your family! May God Bless you!

Helpful and thorough!

Jordan helped me resolve an ongoing legal case in a professional and timely manner. Jordan is thorough, understands the law and provides clear guidance based upon the law and facts of the case. He was helpful and provided clear recommendations to help bring the case to resolution as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome. Jordan provided guidance for the legal issues but also provided some counseling and recommendations on the non-legal issues which was greatly appreciated. After having been represented by other lawyers and law firms in the past, Jordan is the only lawyer I would recommend for his legal knowledge, his work ethic, and his concern for those involved in the case.

A trusted source of legal counsel

Mr.Jordan Van Matre was a GOD send for my case. He was thorough and articulate in gathering information and representing my best interests. Mr. Van Matre came highly recommened to me by a highly trusted friend. In the midst of a very difficult situation has communicated with me in a very respectful manner. In the courtroom Mr. Van Matre is very confident,extremely knowledgeable and entirely well spoken. I was facing 5 years in prison and I was extremely nervous about court. I also have MS but Mr. Van Matre was very compassionate and very reassuring and talked to me about what could happen good and bad. I am very greatful to Mr. Van Matre for his kind and honest manner dealing with me and for his tenacity and strength in representing me. Thanks first of all to God and second to Mr. Jordan Van Matre I am NOT spending anytime in prison and I won’t miss spending time with my kids and family. I can whole heartedly offer my recommendation of Jordan Van Matre as a trusted source of legal counsel that will work hard for favorable outcomes. I would DEFINITELY use him again if needed.

I would recommend him to anyone

I was driving through Georgia from Florida and had a very serious speeding ticket. I didn’t know where to turn until I met attorney Jordan Van Matre in the building of the court room. At that moment I knew I wanted him to be my attorney where he was professional and treated me as if I was his own. The best thing a lawyer can do is not sugar coat, Jordan gave me straight up answers and guided me the best he knew how. To make a long story short I was able to get a favorable plea and I would recommend him to anyone in the state of Georgia, please give your self a chance, I know I did!