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How to be a good defensive driver

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Car Accidents

Auto accidents happen all of the time. Drunk, distracted or aggressive driving can cause victims to suffer from long-term disabilities. People who drive defensively may be less likely to suffer from auto accidents. 

What does it mean to be a defensive driver? A defensive driver is someone who uses tactics on the road intended to reduce auto accidents. Here are a few defensive driving techniques you can use:

Maintain your speed

It’s important to follow speed limits. Driving at the appropriate speed limit can help drivers avoid accidents. Some drivers go over the speed limit. If there’s only one lane and a driver is tailing another vehicle, then the leading driver should still maintain the speed limit and not let the other driver rush them.

Watch the road ahead 

People should look ahead of them while driving. By watching the road ahead, drivers can spot hazards that might need to be avoided. For example, drivers can spot signs of construction that might congest traffic or spot accidents.

Glance at your mirrors

It’s important to look ahead on the road but also to keep in mind where other vehicles are behind. Drivers should glance at their side and rear view mirrors to gauge where other cars are around them. This can be especially useful if a driver intends to make a turn and needs to get in the appropriate lane. If the driver spots another vehicle in their mirror, then the driver can make the necessary decisions to avoid a collision.

Prepare for accidents

Some accidents can not be prevented with defensive driving. Drivers need to learn about their legal rights if they need compensation for their injuries and losses.