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2 reasons to seek pain and suffering after a severe dog attack

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Dog Bites

Few things are more frightening than facing down a dangerous, aggressive dog. If the animal feels scared or threatened, it could attack and bite, possibly resulting in severe injuries.

Like most other states, Georgia allows those seriously injured by a dog to obtain economic damages by filing a claim against the animal owner. In some situations, like those discussed below, it may be wise to push for a pain and suffering award in addition to standard economic damages.

Long-term treatment is likely

Shallow lacerations can heal relatively well, and minor broken bones may knit with minimal treatment. More severe injuries, however, often require continuing or ongoing treatment. For example, facial trauma or disfigurement caused by a dog bite may require multiple surgeries and other treatments.

If your doctor suggests that you may require additional care in the months or years after the attack, try making a case for pain and suffering.

Psychological trauma is severe

Dog attacks are some of the most traumatic experiences anyone can ever face. The trauma could impact your mental and emotional state long after your visible injuries heal. It is not uncommon for victims to experience psychological scarring and additional anxiety disorders for months or years after the incident.

Many victims benefit from long-term therapy or counseling after suffering injuries but surviving a dog attack. Pain and suffering damages help to ensure you can pay for any psychological treatment you may need.

Of course, you are not automatically entitled to pain and suffering in Georgia. You must have evidence that supports your claim. Guidance from someone familiar with Georgia’s injury compensation laws can improve your claim and get you the restitution you deserve.