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Don’t let these 3 common mistakes ruin your car accident claim

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Car Accidents

Fair financial compensation can make a life-changing difference for many who are seriously injured in a car accident. In Georgia, those with severe crash injuries may be eligible for economic and non-economic (pain and suffering) damages.

Unfortunately, your actions or inactions after a crash could inadvertently harm your claim if you have never gone through this process before. Avoiding the common mistakes below can preserve the compensation you may desperately need.

Saying you’re sorry

Have you ever wanted to say something like, “I’m so sorry this happened,” to someone after a traumatic event? It is a surprisingly common urge that could compromise your claim. Never utter the word “sorry” after an accident, even as an expression of sympathy. The insurance company or other driver could claim it is an admission of guilt.

Not getting treatment

The ideal way to prove that you suffered severe or catastrophic injuries in an accident is through medical evidence. If you fail to obtain treatment or wait too long to get a doctor’s opinion, the other side may allege that your injuries must not be as bad as you claimed. Get an early assessment and follow through on all medical orders.

Making statements

Avoid speaking with the other driver, their insurance provider or their lawyer after the crash. If any of these parties request a written or recorded statement, politely decline. Gathering statements that may contradict your initial account of the accident is one way an insurer may try to diminish or deny your restitution.

The more you know about car accident compensation laws and insurance company tactics, the better you can preserve your claim. Legal guidance can help you learn more and help you protect your rights.