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Protect Your Rights And Your Future After False Sex Crime Allegations

When you have been wrongly accused of a sex crime, it feels like your world is collapsing. People will make a rush to judgment without knowing all of the facts. The temptation to work with the police or your accuser in an effort to resolve things as quickly as possible can be overwhelming. However, doing so will only make your situation worse. When you have been charged with a sex crime, it is essential to seek help from a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

At The Law Office of Jordan K. Van Matre, P.C., our attorney is dedicated to helping guide people through the criminal justice process. We believe in protecting and asserting your rights, no matter what you have been wrongly accused of.

You Cannot Talk Your Way Out Of A Criminal Charge

The two most important things you can do when you have been charged with a criminal sexual offense are to exercise your right to remain silent and to demand to speak with a lawyer before submitting to any form of questioning. Asserting these rights is not an admission of guilt, and they are designed to help protect you.

It is also important to never agree to a plea deal without first consulting with your attorney. Furthermore, you should never turn over your phone or your computer as evidence unless you are presented with a search warrant. In addition, never agree to nonmandatory DNA testing, especially if you have yet to be placed under arrest. Even if you are completely innocent, it is still important to get legal representation. No one has ever talked themselves out of a criminal charge. However, many people have talked themselves into one.

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