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3 actions to avoid if pulled over on suspicion of DUI

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | DUI/DWI

Driving under the influence is a serious offense with potential long-term consequences, in terms of lives as well as legal and professional implications. The recent incident involving athlete Henry Ruggs III demonstrates this.

If you find yourself pulled over on suspicion of DUI, what you do may affect what happens if you end up in court. There are certain actions you need to avoid to mitigate any damage.

1. Consenting to a field sobriety test

You have the right to refuse a field sobriety test. Even if you have zero alcohol in your system, the tests have flaws and are subject to errors in administration by police officers. There are also officers who purposefully look for reasons to fail individuals or misinterpret results. If you do not perform the tests perfectly, even if it is simply due to clumsiness, nervousness or exhaustion, you may fail. A failed field sobriety test acts as evidence against you in court.

2. Behave rudely

Polite behavior generally elicits better treatment than the opposite. Rude behavior may arouse suspicions of intoxication or drug usage as well as the ire of the police officer who stopped you. It may also count as proof against you in court.

3. Say too much

Every word that comes out of your mouth may count as evidence against you. How a person speaks, especially the slurring of words together, is a common indicator of alcohol or drug consumption. Avoiding excessive talking helps minimize the possibility of a prosecutor using your speech against you. Do not admit to anything, especially drinking, as this is tantamount to a confession of drunkenness.

There exist possible defenses against DUI charges. Staying away from certain actions may help you if you end up in court.