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Is indecent exposure a sex crime in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2024 | Sex Crimes

“Public indecency” – also known as indecent exposure – is a serious crime in Georgia, but many people don’t realize how serious it is until they’re actually faced with accusations and a potential sex crimes sentence. 

Under Georgia law, public indecency is generally defined as an intentional public exposure of one’s private parts in some “lewd” way, a public act of sexual intercourse or an “indecent fondling” of someone else’s body in public. While usually charged as a misdemeanor offense, That’s still enough to land you on the sex offender registry, which can have significant negative repercussions on your life for years – if not permanently. 

What sorts of actions lead to public indecency charges?

There are a lot of ways you can end up facing this charge, and some of them may surprise you. Consider this:

  • You and your spouse are trying to spice up your marriage and reconnect, so you take a trip down memory lane and go “parking.” One thing leads to another, and you’re observed having intercourse in your car through the windows while you’re parked in a public place.
  • You are horsing around with your friends after a night of revelry and a little too much alcohol, and you decide to pull down your pants and “moon” the drivers of passing cars.
  • You and your romantic partner get carried away with your passions in a movie theater, on a subway, in the backseat of an Uber – or even while tucked away in a spot in the park or at a beach where you thought nobody would see you.

A misdemeanor first offense for public indecency can lead to a significant fine and up to a year in jail – but the real punishment is being labeled a sex offender. If you’re facing these allegations, it’s vitally important not to talk to the police until you’ve explored your defense options.