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Tips for speaking with insurance adjusters

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

After you experience a car accident, insurance adjusters will attempt to call you. Georgia law requires every driver to pay for liability insurance. If the other driver is at fault, they will try to pay as little damage as possible for the crash.

If you recently suffered from a motor vehicle accident or want to understand what you might expect, see below for some tips on dealing with insurance providers. Saying the wrong thing might lead to less of a payout.

Take down their information

You should already have the other driver’s insurance information. However, to be safe, you should verify this information with the person on the phone. Do not give any information about yourself until you know the name of the person on the phone, the company name and the person you got into an accident with.

Do not give details

Once you get the information, you want to limit the amount you speak. The adjuster might attempt to engage you in polite conversation, but do not fall into a trap. Remain polite, but do not divulge anything about the accident, your personal life or your income level. The only information you might give is your name and address. Do not mention any injuries you suffered or make an angry or emotional accusation.

Do not settle over the phone

The insurance provider might try to settle over the phone. You should resist this temptation. You might end up with less money than you deserve, so decline any offers the insurance adjuster gives you.

When speaking with insurance adjusters, the less they know, the better. Keep conversations short, and remain calm and professional throughout your interactions.