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5 things to do after a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Car Accidents

The moments following a car accident in Georgia can be a blur of confusion and disbelief. During that time when minds are racing and bodies are full of adrenaline, victims may forget a few crucial steps to help them better recover physically and financially.

It is important to understand how to handle the aftermath of a car accident. The right tips can keep an unfortunate situation from spiraling out into something downright unbearable.

  1. Check for injuries

Drivers should carefully check for injuries, bearing in mind that some symptoms may not appear until hours or days after an accident. Carefully moving each body part can better pinpoint the origin of certain bodily injuries. Additionally, car accidents can cause emotional and mental trauma.

  1. Check on passengers and others

After checking themselves, drivers should check to see whether their passengers, and anyone else involved in the accident, are responsive and uninjured. It may be necessary to call for medical emergency services, especially for those who seem uninjured, but are noticeably disoriented; there is a chance the person may have a concussion.

  1. Call the police

Even if an accident is a relatively minor one, it is still best to have the police come out to the scene. A police report often proves instrumental in building a legal case. Also, having a police report may make the car insurance claim process easier.

  1. Exchange information

While everyone waits for the police to arrive, it is a good idea for everyone to exchange insurance information. Besides the name of the insurance provider and policy numbers, all drivers, passengers and witnesses need to trade contact information, in case anyone has follow-up questions or remembers something to share.

  1. Take pictures of the scene

It is also a good idea to take several images of the accident scene. Specifically, pictures of the vehicles, license places, damage, injuries, road conditions and even weather conditions are useful.